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Paintless Dent Repair

WHAT IS PDR? (Paintless Dent Repair)

      Up until a few years ago PDR had only been utilized at dealerships. It was the in the early '90's when PDR really became popular. Dealers were saving hundreds of dollars on each reconditioned vehicle. They were saving hundreds because:
  • The vehicle kept its original finish
  • It eliminated the cost of labor for any bodywork
  • It eliminated the cost of any paint materials

Not to mention they didn't have to worry about matching the paint colors.

      A dent or a ding can be removed because of how durable yet flexible the final finish is. We need it to be flexible because we get behind the dent and push it out until it is gone. Eliminating the need for body fillers or the use of costly body shop techniques.

      The average life span of a vehicles finish is approximately 7 years before it starts to lose its durability and flexibility. Elements of nature, extreme temperatures, and wear and tear are what causes the break down of the paint. This is why we cannot attempt PDR on any vehicle over 7 years old. In the event the paint is cracked or broken, your dent would not qualify for PDR either.


      Infomercials are often misleading, advertising glue pulling and suction cup devices. They show you how a two foot dent can be taken out in a matter of minutes. SHAZZAAMMM! A few pulls in 5 minutes and the dent pops right out. The good news is, you just saved $30 plus shipping and handling, bad news you still have a dent. A 2 foot dent is outside the parameter of PDR. Anything larger than the palm of your hand will get you lousy results.

Here are some guidelines for PDR:
  • Grocery Cart
  • Golf ball, baseball or football hits y our vehicle
  • Door ding from another car
  • Small tree limb falls onto your vehicle
  • Hit by a bicycle
  • A mechanic drops a tool onto the hood
  • Someone leans on your vehicle
  • Closing the trunk onto something that doesn't fit
  • Hail storms

The list can go on forever.

Here are some NON PDR situations:
  • Side swiping a guardrail
  • Crashing into a tree
  • Hitting another vehicle
  • Someone jumping onto your vehicle
  • Taking a baseball bat to the vehicle
  • Any dent with cracked paint.


Standard Dings ==> Quarter Size
Vertical Panels
Front Fenders
Front Doors
Rear Doors
Quarter Panels
Pickup Quarters
1st Ding
Each Additional
(Discounts on more than one damage per panel)

Standard Dings ==> Quarter Size
Flat Panels
Deck Lid
Pickup Beds
1st Ding
Each Additional

Additional labor charges apply to:
-Dents larger that a quarter
-Multiple dents per panel

The average body shop price per panel is $300 - $500 and will keep your car tied up for days. It is easy to see why PDR is so cost effective and efficient.

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